Let’s combine your ideas and our knowledge for a brighter future for your business!


Our mission is to help you get more customers online.

To achieve this, you need to reach your target audience across multiple channels and devices. We offer a range of integrated digital marketing services and search technologies that all align with this mission, and ensure you will achieve more reach and return.

It’s becoming harder and harder for a business to gain organic reach on social media, as algorithms continually change. Long gone are the days where you would expect to post an update and it reaches all of your followers, potential clients and potential customers. This is where online digital marketing comes in.

The group of people you want to reach are a part of the Digital World, from social media like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and Linked-in too. They are probably on there daily, and for a good amount of time. They are in a mode of consuming information, and are receptive to relevant messages. It’s where your business should be too.


1. social media managment

Social Media Management

Social media management is one of the most important mediums for companies to engage and connect directly with their audience – but many brands do not take advantage of this platform.

With over 2.3 billion active social media users, coming at a global penetration of 30%, you cannot afford to ignore social media platforms.

Social media marketing and management gives you the opportunity to spread your message, increase brand awareness, share your content, build a following, and nurture your leads.

2. online digital advertising

Online Digital Advertising

Online digital advertising offers one advantage ahead of many other advertising platforms – the opportunity for demographic targeting.

Want to target an ad to females aged 30-40 in Ireland who like cooking and gardening? No problem. The ability to target, test, and optimize ads for your different audiences can be game-changing.

One of the biggest benefits of online advertising is the instant results you will see, and as everything can be easily tracked, you’ll know exactly what return you have got for your investment.


Digital Strategy

By building a digital strategy you will create a long term plan that over time will deliver compounded returns. We’ll spend as much time promoting your content as creating it. We’ll work with you to create that plan that boosts your online traffic and customers.

WiKreate is focused on achieving the best possible results for you and has a track record of improving the ROI for our clients websites. If you’re struggling to get your brand noticed amidst intense online competition, then it’s time to ramp up your digital strategy efforts.


Content Marketing

We can create content that creates interest in your brand, attracts the right customers to your website, solves any problems or pain points your target audience may have, nurtures the relationship with your readers until they are ready to convert.

Our content marketing services mean that we will help define and deliver a content strategy for your business. This process will include reviewing your competitive marketplace, analyzing your existing assets, defining your brand position, establishing the questions and conversations that you should contribute to, creating a content plan, and producing the high quality content. No matter your industry, we are experts at getting to know your business and the things that will interest potential customers.

5. infulencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

When influencers share content, they share it because it reflects something about themselves. We undertake detailed market research to identify exactly what conversations your followers are having online, and how you can contribute to the moments that matter.

The foundation of a good content marketing strategy is the belief that if you, as an influencer, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable content to your followers, they will ultimately reward you with their respect and loyalty.

An effective web design including a new logo will ensure you stand out and make a top first impression, convey your value proposition and make it simple for people and potential clients to get in touch with you.

6. graphic design web development

Graphic Design, Web Design and Web Development

Whether you need a completely new website, freshen up of your existing design, new e-commerce features, or require a white label website solution, our highly skilled team based in Skopje has the right solution for you. 

We’ll work with you to understand your needs and create a solution you’ll be proud of.

Your website is your virtual shop front, a well designed and aesthetically pleasing one will attract customers and visitors.

Optimized for Google – As we are experts in search, we will also ensure your site is optimist for search SEO before it goes live, and can support you in your marketing goals once the site is available for use.